Thursday, May 5, 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Inspiration from Dream Worlds

Been reading and taking notes on Dream Worlds.

One thing that I have noticed is that the images that resonate with me the most aren't like the stuff I'm making. I'm going to seek to marry the two.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Plant In Panama

What is this plant called?

Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 - Attack Plan!

2016 - Attack Plan!

1) Panama Story (IP) ready for print, with all social media outlets in place. 
2) Don’t get too out of shape while doing this. A month or two later on the launch is better than eating like crap. 
3) Plan nothing for weekends. Weekends will be used for overflow, exercise, and social activities. 

Jan. - Tie up all the loose ends (OA people can probably skip this month, it’s mostly geckos)

  1. Hang TV and Shelves- Jan 9th and 10th
  2. Put in bar - delayed - waiting for parts
  3. Hang wine glass holder, sword holder, and all remaining pictures
  4. Fix gecko cages - one more lock to fix - do today Jan 11th
  5. New light in living room - Today - Fix walls
  6. Gather all art from OA thread and make library for social media
  7. Look through Panama folders again - Get password for Tom's drive and delete all bad images
  • locks and hinges
  • make pan to hold substrate? - not feasible at this time
  • repair backgrounds
  • measure cages
  • plastic walls? - tap plastics - have been ordered
  • carve out pot bottoms to make cleaning faster
  • clean everything
  • lights on the racks?

Jan 17 - reptile show in Manchester, NH - prep to vend
  • print all business cards and brochures 
  • decide who to sell and who to keep
  • donate buttons on website on all tutorials - paypal me
  • prep some baby bins to sell - 3 to 5
  • separate account for Fired Up Geckos for square (all set- link bank account)
Jan 18 - start putting out feelers for a male for Oracle 
  • breeder loan with Gremlin? Double check
  • check in on Digger and his kiddos

  1. Make all writing edits that you receive. - Review is on Tues, Jan 12 at 4pm. Focus on writing edits from 18th to 31st

  • Go through all the edits and not do anything yet: see what the editor thinks overall and see where the story is and what needs work.
  • Read selections of the book: to better understand the edits requested and to get you prepared for the edits
  • Implement edits and improve story at the same time as you go through the whole thing start to finish. Addressing the edits and using some of the new suggestions.

  1. Get sketchbook and Toby photographed - Jan 9th and 10th
  2. Figure out meal prep - becomes a priority on the 18th
  • plastic tubs home, organized and stored
  • eat this much investigated
  • peapod researched
  • schedule developed

  1. Computer and cintiq up and running
  2. Website and Patreon prep - Jan 11th to 17th - focus on this, try to get a full 1st draft up
  3. National Park Trips - get info
  4. Fired Up geckos affiliate links (if you have the "free time")

Feb. - OA starts back up, draw all the things, Patreon, and waterfalls

  1. Start the 2nd official draft of the Panama story
  2. Decide on a title for the Panama story AND logline - Feb 11 -Have this done!
  3. Spend this entire month making a buffer of images and sketches to post on social media 
     4. Finish Patreon and Website for an official launch at the end of the month. 
     5. Load up OA projects into text to speech and listen to them.  - ongoing

Mar. - Social media, and swamps

  1. Make edits to the story text as necessary, finish 2nd draft
  2. Congaree National Park - go walk all over and find cool things. See snakes and gators. Return victorious. 
  3. Launch Instagram and Tumblr pages - use IFTTT to post automatically
  4. Make a Twitter and FB account that is project specific - use IFTTT to post automatically

April - Layout and “Final” text edits

  1. Wrap up the text as best as you can 
  2. Finish the layout in Indesign
  3. Begin thinking about page illustrations (thumbnailing, sketches, really rough stuff)

May - Draw the Panama Story: Part 1 (Estimating 60 pages of text, images ranging from small sketches to full page illustrations) 

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. Pick easy ones. 
  2. Start streaming officially. If it makes sense to start earlier, do so. If not, this is when you start. 
  3. Somehow turn the streaming movies into something to post onto Youtube

Jun. - Draw the Panama Story: Part 2

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. 

Jul. - Draw the Panama Story: Part 3 

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. 

Aug. - Draw the Panama Story: Part 4  and Glacier National Park

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. 
  2. Go hike on glaciers in Glacier National Park! See a bear but don’t die. This part is key.

Sept. - Draw the Panama Story: Part 5 

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. 

Oct. - Draw the Panama Story: Part 6 

  1. Select 10 images from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to draw. 
  2. This should hopefully mark the end of all illustrations. 

Nov. -  Cleanup, CTNX, and Tighten it up

  1. Lets be realistic here, I’ll need a month to organize that hot mess I’ve listed above.  
  2. Look into book publishing options
  3. CTNX if I can afford it

Dec. - Starting Preping for things like Kickstarter. 


 2016 Procrastination List - instead of Social Media, do this!
**My goal with this is to print it and put in around my home. Then, read it before I start messing around with my phone. Rule is I need to do one of these things before I can goof off. **

Look up reference images on
  • Henri
  • Sam
  • Mike
  • The Black
  • Meek
  • Character reference and action poses
  • Clothing and cloth wrinkles

Aaron Blaise Big Cat Tutorials

Aaron Blaise Fantasy Art Tutorials

Rent (monthly)

Go over bills/letters (weekly)

Read a comic. Put one by the futon.

Hold a gecko.

Plan the trips to the National Parks.


Stretch and Foam Roll

Gesture Drawings - humans and animals



Floss your teeth

Proko Tutorials

Cook a meal

Read projects from OA students

Escape from Art Jail podcasts and/or OA Lessons

Monday, December 21, 2015

6 Word Story - Final - #sixwordstorychallenge

I was told about this fun challenge a few days ago.

Write a story using only six words, illustrate it with traditional media, hand write the six words in the image.

Since I know how to make 3D art, I wanted to use it as an experiment for my illustrated book pages. I was thinking that I might make 3D models for my protagonists and use them to help me illustrate the book quicker.

I just wanted to speed through this, and test the technique, so I grabbed a stock model

The 3D scene I made to help me lay it out. 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Anatomy Studies

I took Scott Eaton's anatomy for artists class a while back.

I was feeling the itch to do some studies, so I got all my reference images made into books.

Now, I can bring them around on things like roadtrips or do studies when my motherboard is dead, which is the case tonight.

 After: Écorché by me 

Before: Original artwork by William Andrew Pogany (I think. I found it on Pinterest)

More studies

My 2 new écorché books, roughly 200 images total.