Monday, March 1, 2010

XNormal hates me

Hi All,

I'm hoping for some help with xnormal. I have Zbush 3.5 and Xnormal 3.17.0 beta 3b

I have a mesh in zbrush w/ 4 subtools. (The meshes were created from one low poly mesh which was create in maya 09)

All meshes were imported with mesh scaling set to 100

Two of those subtools have produced normals maps w/o any issue in xnormal. However, the other 2 are just producing "blobs" (see attached pictures). It's like xnormal isn't even recognizing the UVing of the mesh which was done in Maya before zbrushing.

Here's an example of subtool #1 the face = it's fine

And here's subtool #2 the body. What is up with that?

Same base low poly mesh, and 2 really different results. Any advice?

Here are the UVs as well

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