Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dead Crow Studios

Edit: Looks like this post is causing some confusion. Dead Crow is an unpaid position. I was laid off by Everyscape, which was my paying job.

I just started working as a texture artist and modeler for Dead Crow Studio. The work seems right up my alley. I like the post apocalypse genre and it’s fun to be making stuff for a extremely screwed up world. Dirty things are just more interesting. ;) The team seems like it’s really good and has a very low level of crazy (thank you God). It’s unpaid right now, but here’s hoping it doesn’t stay like that for long. Here's what they said about me. I'm am so proud of this.

What's New

Very excited to welcome Sarah Dahlinger to the team as a 3D artist. She will have a special talant in textuing only the most grewsome models. Leave it to the quiet ones.

Check them out here:
Wish me (and Dead Crow) luck!

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  1. They already seem to know you so well. :) G/l!