Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why this book is awesome

For the past 8 weeks, I've been doing the LiveFit Trainer, a 12 week fitness/body building program. I knew that I would be tired from working out some days, so I decided that I needed something to do at night that might not require the use of my skinny little girl arms.

Earlier this year, Joseph Pena, a talented artist over at Red5, told me to study up on this book.

I figured it was a great time to start my anatomy studies at night. If I couldn't sculpt, I could still read. I multitask the crap out of life. Turns out, in about 3 weeks, your arms get over their complaining, and you can sculpt at night, but that's besides the point. Also, if you're an artist who likes working out, try reading up on anatomy and then hitting the gym. It is really kind of neat to being doing a set and then have a realization like "oh it's pulling that way because the muscle originates here. I know science."

At about week 3 of the program, I was making a bunch of monster characters with anthropomorphic characteristics for a demo for work. This book played a major part in helping me make the anatomy of this Minotaur dude:

I was also looking at this guy's site for some more monstrous anatomy:

This week, since I'm trying to get my portfolio ready for the job hunt, I revisited a human male anatomy sculpt I started a while back. He's on this very blog if you go back a few pages. Check out the improvement in just a few hours. I'm going to put about 4-5 more hours in today before I go kill zombies.  I love Resident Evil games. :)

Back to sculpting!


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