Sunday, February 24, 2013


Finally got myself some full time employment!

I'm part of a very small in-house art team at LogixHealth in Bedford Ma. There's 4 of us total. I'm doing graphic design, mobile app creation, and animations.

The cool thing is that I'm the one in charge of mobile apps and animations. I even have a new front end developer guy who just got hired last week. It'll be neat to own an entire project.

I've been there for about 4 weeks now. Everyone is pretty cool. Money is good and my boss is good at creating schedules that are attainable. She even feels bad if I stay past 5:30 pm.

They have design docs in place, a clear vision of what they want, a standard design pipeline, sign off reviews, and ample time for peer critiques built into the schedule.

They even gave me a great computer with the entire CS6 creative suite.  I don't have to deal with crappy equipment or being treated like a temp or junior.

When I was first hired, I was nervous that I would hate it because they're in the medical field and not games.  I'm not afraid of that anymore. I guess the thing I like the most is how I'm treated. They hired me as a full time artist with a real salary right off the bat. I didn't need to beg or jump though hoops. No art tests. No time as a contractor getting paid once monthly. They treat me with respect and trust my abilities, and now that I have that, it's so incredibly obvious how lacking it has been from my other employment experiences.

I'm holding up my end of the bargain too. A week ago, I was put on an "emergency" project. It's almost done now, and they like what I did a lot. In addition to doing that, I helped another artist out with a few small mock-ups that she didn't have time to do. I'm on another emergency project on Mon because my boss "needs someone who can get it done fast". I like being the "go-to" girl; it feels good to be able to help out. Even though my new nickname is "Speedy Gonzales", my boss is cool enough to give me 5 days for what we think will be 3 days worth of work.

So, I'm happy right now. I'm not nervous or overworked. I'm surrounded by people who are usually in good moods. I hope that this place works out and I can stay for a while.

Since I don't need to be constantly paranoid about having a job and updating my portfolio (here's hoping that that is actually true, one never really knows now a days), I'm going to finally finish up some long neglected house stuff, like hanging curtains and putting in the dry bar. Then I'm going to make art that makes me happy at night. No more"oh this place will only hire someone who makes trees, I guess I need to make trees now". My next projects will be an army dude and a little hand painted turtle.

Wish me luck!