Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fancy Animals - Studies

I enrolled in “The Magic Box” at the Oatley Academy. 

This site has been beyond useful and incredibly positive. There needs to be more people like the ones involved with the Oatley Academy. It’s a self-paced, online drawing course that is ridiculously cheap. Considering the quality of the info being provided in the class, it’s probably 1/8 of the cost it could be. However, the guy who started it, Chris, is all about the students first and I’m stunned by his generosity. It makes me want to work harder, actually. 

So here goes! For assignment 1: Fancy Animals, I chose the Spotted Hyena (aka the Laughing Hyena) and Democritus, painted by  Johannes Moreelse.

I will be combining these into something hilarious and and educational (for me). 

Hope you like!

Playing around with some photoshop water color brushes

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