Saturday, May 30, 2015

Museum of Science

"So you're like pirating...but with...a picture?"

"I guess so?" was my response to the boy about 12 who was watching me draw a T-Rex. My next thought was, "I weep for the youth."

A while later, I was drawing Cliff the triceratops and heard a voice behind me, "Oh hi! We meet again!"

"Hey bud, how's it going?"

" you drawing all the dinosaurs today because I really like dinosaurs because of Jurassic park."

"I also like Jurassic park and dinosaurs."

"That so cool!"

High fives were given.

"Are you going to go see the new one?"

"Yeah! There's this guy and he tames the raptors and my favorite part of the first movie is when the guys says, 'Clever girl'".

"That is a really good part, if you could be any dino here, who would you be?"

"Oh easy, I'd be a pterodactyl so I could fly."

"Flight, good call. I'd be a raptor myself."

"Do you think that if raptors were alive today, they would be rappers?"

"Hmm, good question. Maybe."

Then his dad came and yelled at him to come to lunch. Hope you had a good day at the museum. random hilarious and cute kid.

I went to the Museum of Science today to try out my new Nomad Art Satchel and draw dinos. Both of these things worked out.

I focused mainly on the T-Rex and Cliff. Luckily they had a tiny model of the T-Rex because there was no way you can draw the angle I do with the life sized one. It's as big as the room, so you can't get far enough away from it.

Cliff is a very cool skeleton. I hope they will be able to keep him but it's not looking good.

After dinos, I went to check out the birds since I haven't really drawn birds before. There it all the Nomad performed nicely. It makes standing and sketching a lot easier!

Today, was a good day :)

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