Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Imaginary Friends


When I was little, the giant squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lived under my bed.

Every night, I would lie perfectly still in the very center of my bed so the squid’s tentacles couldn’t get me. They would slide up along the sides of the bed, along the walls, but they could never get me as long as in stayed in the middle.

One Christmas, I received two stuffed animals. Both were about as big as I was. One was a Lynx and one was a Tiger; they never had any other name. 

Now, that squid was in trouble.

Every night, Lynx and Tiger would lie on either side of me, and protect me from the squid while I slept. Sometimes, the battles were so fierce that both Lynx and Tiger would be many feet away from my bed when I would wake to check on them in the middle of the night. At these times, I would have to rescue them, very quickly, so the squid wouldn’t notice. I was very fast you see, the fastest kid in the neighborhood.

Soon after Lynx and Tiger started to get a little smaller, I received an “Authentic Indian Brave Hunting Knife”, which was made out of rubber so soft, the blade could fold in the middle and spring back, eventually. That being said, it was huge, maybe the largest knife in the world.

Now, I was a warrior.

Many nights, I would lie in bed, between my guardians, and think, “I should put the knife under Tiger, so I can be ready for the squid.”

I never did though, because I knew I would probably get in trouble for that. However, if I had put the knife under Tiger, my younger self and I both agree, it would have gone down like this.