Friday, August 14, 2015

Drawing Topic: Animals in Hats

Sometimes, you need to draw something silly. I asked my FB buddies to come up with some Animals in Hats for me.

Here is the List so far:

Animals in Hats
Aardvark and newsboy hat
Aye-aye, bowler cap
Badger wearing a scalley cap
Bear. Pope's hat.
Boar, propeller hat
Cat, tiara
Detective bear in a fedora
Dolphin and a baseball cap.
Ewe in a Viking helmet showing the rams how it should be done
Gila monster wearing a steampunk top hat
Giraffe with a top hat.
Golden lemur with any of queen Elizabeth’s hats
Goose and Stetson
Gray tree frog in a top hat with an eye piece
Iguana and big floppy sunhat
Jack Rabbit Crocodile hunter hat
Jerboa wearing a fez!
Lemming and Ushanka (Russian furry hat with flaps)
Monitor lizard wearing a bonnet
Owl with a party hat
Penguin with an aviator hat and goggles
Pig and pimp hat
Platypus in a Kentucky derby hat
Raptor in a bonnet
Scorpion tailed gecko and propeller hat
Seal in rave gear
Sloth Sherlock
Snake and a top hat.
Snapping turtle with a Viking helmet.
Spider and top hat
Sugar glider wearing a fedora
Turtle and a football helmet
Wallaby and a Beret
Wallaby wearing a Trilby

I think everyone should draw some. Why? Because animals in hats are awesome! If you do draw one, use this:


and let me know about it!

@SarahDahlinger - twitter
Or just comment here and send the image to

I really want to see what people create! If you want, I'll post your images below, with credit, too.  


Inspiration for this list!

I'm enrolled in the Magic Box class at the The Oatley Academy they have a very similar assignment that involves working with paintings from masters and fancy animals. 

But, I just wanted a list of animals and hats so I have things to draw on the plane to Russia!

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