Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lowell Summer Music Series - Trombone Shorty and Party Band: Gestures

I was driving into work and I heard on the radio something like this, “A jazz band from New Orleans will be preforming in Lowell tonight.” 

Jazz, or jazz as I know it, isn’t my thing, but I wanted to do some gesture practice and I really like going to festivals or concerts for that. The Lowell Summer Music Series is awesome because they are outside in the summer. 

When I got there, I discovered that it was a paid concert and they had actually managed to block off the view from the road with tarps. Lame. (I think it used to be free when I was a kid or I'm confusing it with the Lowell Folk Festival which is definitely free.) 

However, a dude outside the gate sold me a ticket for $20. Woo!

I went inside and started to draw. I was only half paying attention to the announcer who was saying something like “Lowell graduates are in this opening band…” Yeah, yeah, some kids are going to try to play music now. 

No, these aren’t some kids. They were called Party Band and they were great! They’re sort of like a very bad ass marching band, like marching band that grew up. (They are so much more than that, but that's how they look, visually.)

The drawing continued. I got yelled at by some “official” lady who I think might have been allergic to fun. Everyone knows, you can’t stand on the stairs for safety reasons. Apparently that includes a 10 foot radius around the stars when it involved troublesome little artists. It takes a special sort of person to be miserable with all the good music, good food, and smiling people. Everyone else was happy; Lowell has a really great crowd. 

 Then, Trombone Shorty came out onto stage. As I’ve stated earlier, all the Jazz I had heard in the past has throughly bored me. Not these guys. They came out on stage, starting kicking ass and didn’t stop for the next two hours. 

After the first song, I was blown away. What the hell just happened? I got hit with Rock, Blues, and Jazz at the same time. They are phenomenal live, and I would tell anyone to go see them. 

Anyway, here are some gestures I did. Enjoy!

Gestures don't need perfect paper.  I decided that I was going to use the "crappy pages" of my sketchbook or the "back pages" which are covered in bled-through markers for my gesture paper. 

I used the Nomad Art Satchel which is still proving to be the best art investment this year. I have the Big Black Bee recycled paper sketchbook. I tried out some big brush pens (Faber Castell PITT artist pen) for these gestures. I had never used them before and they are very fun to work with.

Trombone Shorty - Completely Kickin' Ass

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