Monday, November 23, 2015

Sarah Dahlinger’s Sketchbook - May 2015 - November 2015

Sarah Dahlinger’s Sketchbook
May 2015 - November 2015
Music is Epicy by Kíla.

This is the first sketchbook that I have filled in years! I’m very proud of it. Here’s why. 

Post injury, I felt depressed and lost for a long while.

Nothing felt right. Nothing was the same. 

However, getting my arms back was a gift that I wasn’t about to waste. 

I went looking for something to help me through this period.  

I searched for a long time, and tried many things, some new, some old. 

I found a podcast which talked about setting realistic goals for artists. 

One of those goals was, “Just fill a sketchbook.” 

It seemed simple, something I could do. Besides, all artists should be able to draw. 

I bought a sketchbook and some pens because I saw a someone sketching with them online.

I thought his images were beautiful. 

I drew one sketch and I fell in love with my brown paper sketchbook. 

I like working with the pens because they are a bit scary and mean. 

If I make a mistake, I can’t erase it. 

I need to use my subsequent marks to fix the error. 

So I always need to move forward. 

I like moving forward. 

"Forward", has always made me happy.

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